About ECSS On-Line Project Tracking

Inspired by the Software Call Manager on Hewlett-Packard's Electronic Support Center, the ECSS Projects page allows you to submit requests for work, questions, or bug reports from any World Wide Web browser. In addition, you may add updated information and see responses from ECSS staff.

This service supports the School of Engineering at Santa Clara University. There are currently no limitations on who may register for this service, but requests from people who we do not immediately recognize as legitimate users may be responded to at a lower priority and may require us to verify that the person is authorized to make that request.


In the past, you have had to contact ECSS via E-mail, telephone, or pager. Using this on-line service offers almost all of the best features of each of these methods, plus other advantages.


We have done our best to design and build this system to protect your privacy. Once you are logged in with your username and password, all transactions are processed with computer-generated authorization codes. This avoids putting your login password on the screen or within the HTML code, and these authorization codes can be regenerated frequently so that even if someone else sees them, they will not be able to use them.

Other security features include:

Note: Although ECSS has made every effort to offer a high level of security, a determined hacker may be able to find security holes in the operating system, the web server software, or the ECSS Projects software that would allow him or her to gain inappropriate access. We do not expect to have any security problems, but we cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information you submit.

Known Bugs

Future Enhancements