End-of-Support Schedule for Unix Systems

Date of last revision: 03/06/2001

As much as we'd like to keep computers running forever, it isn't always practical. Software and hardware support becomes more and more scarce as systems get older, while hardware failures become more common. Old systems also slow to a crawl trying to run the newest software.

Because of this problem, old systems will not be supported by Engineering Computer Support Services (ECSS). If you wish to continue using a system beyond its end-if-support date, you must maintain the system yourself, and it may not be part of the main Engineering Unix system.

We have tried to be as generous as possible in scheduling end-of-support dates. Please let us know if you feel that we have set an end-of-support date too soon. We will also consider making exceptions on an individual basis as long as you have another plan in mind.

End-of-Support Schedule by Year

Year Machine Class Models
2000 Sun sun4c Sparc 1, Sparc 2, IPX, ELC, etc.
2001 HP 7xx 735
2002 SGI Indy Indy
Sun sun4m Sparc 4, Sparc 5, Sparc 10, Sparc 20, etc.
2003 HP PA1.1 C110, B132L
SGI Indigo Indigo2
2004 (tentative) HP C1xx C180

End-of-Support Schedule by System

Make Model End-of-Support Year
HP B132L 2003
C180 2004 (tentative)
J282 not scheduled
SGI Indy 2002
Indigo2 2003
Sun Sparc 4 2002
Sparc 5
Sparc 10
Sparc 20
Ultra 1 not scheduled
Ultra 10
Ultra 80

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