Santa Clara University Engineering Computer Support Services

Unix Administration

Date of last revision: 3/12/2001

Engineering Computer Support Services (ECSS) manages the School of Engineering's main Unix system (including the Unix systems in the Design Center), as well as several separate systems throughout Engineering. If you have a Unix system, you have three system administration options:

Unix administration and maintenance can be a bit overwhelming if you haven't done it before, so most folks choose to have ECSS maintain their systems. We have a summary of the major differences between having your system part of the main system or a separate machine.

Obsolete hardware is often unsupported by the vendor and newer software, as well as slow and more likely to have problems. Keeping old systems alive was taking up a disproportionate amount of our time, so we have instituted an end-of-support schedule for older workstations. If you have Unix workstation(s), please check it out so you can plan ahead for upgrades.

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